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Welcome to KKV Bohuslän’s first digital newsletter! The idea is that we in the future will send one of these mails each month, where we collect the most important news about our organisation. We will also send external newsletters, to visitors, the press and others interested in our work. Those newsletters will also be sent once a month, with a two week interval to our news for members. It is in the external newsletters that we will present your exhibitions. Deadlines and other important information for you to include your exhibition in our newsletter can be found further down in this mail.

We have also launched our new website. You should have received a mail with login details. On the new website you can book our workshops and accommodation without calling our visiting our office. You can also modify your own profile page that is ready for you.

We hope that you will appreciate the new changes!


Kind regards,
The board and office, KKV Bohuslän


Where: Stensalen, KKV Bohuslän
When: 7th of November, 19.00
How: Classic potluck, then dancing!

Workshop 31st of October

Dinner and meetings in Arabic, English and Swedish, Saturday 31st of Oct, 4-8 pm. KKV Bohuslän, Bottnafjordens inköpsförening, Right Livelihood Award Stiftelsen and Animal Spirits invite old and new residents in Bohuslän to an exciting night.

Read more here: hemsida.



Digital department

The textile department at KKV Bohuslän has started a digital department. Here you can scan up to size A3 and print on OH-film for screen prints. The computer has Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign and you can of course also produce reproductions of art and photo in very high quality.

To be able to use the equipment, you need to take an introduction course. We will notify you as soon as we have one.


Information regarding coming newsletter

Next newsletter will be our first external newsletter. It will be sent the 12th of November and if you want information about your exhibition there, we need your material the 9th of November. Mail the following to

  • Dates of the exhibition period
  • Place
  • Link to a website with more information

If you don’t have a link, you can upload an image at your own profile page and link to that. We are glad to help you if you think it’s complicated.

Information regarding truck insurance

 Our insurance company has notified us that our insurance no longer applies to lifts of sculptures. We are working on finding a solution, but until we do it is important that all members know that we no longer take responsibility for lifts made by Mikael. We do however need to be able to move stones and sculptures stored at our stone yard or at the loading space. The ones of you that do not want us to do that need to move your stones or sculptures out of our premises as soon as possible.

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